Saturday, January 18, 2014

Amazing Shilpgram Crafts Mela

Held to promote an art and craft of Rajasthan this festival is celebrated at a beautiful field of Udaipur where mass number of people gathers to enjoy a tradition, which is reflected through their beauty of hand works.
Often termed as craftsmen’s fair this fair allows brilliant chance for a travellers to witness a beauty of Rajasthan art and culture.

Rajasthan is quite famous for its exclusive art and handicrafts and Shilpgram Crafts Mela is the significant it bring everything together and displays to the world on one platform. So come and witness the marvel that is done with painstakingly and intricately by the people of Rajasthan.

When it is celebrated
The festival is celebrated during a season of winter where local crafts men gathers here and displays their art and handicrafts, mirror works, hand woven clothes, embroideries, hand woven clothes and camel leather items are some of the basic things they display at a fair.

Where it is celebrated
Udaipur of Rajasthan host this beautiful fair which looks to encourage a rural art and craft works of a locals that means a visit to Rajasthan during a season of winters would allow you to take one step closer in terms of understanding a beauty of their work.

November/December is a right time to visit a beauty of Udaipur because during this month they celebrates a beauty of this festival which longs for a 10 days and it is during this season where people lures into Udaipur to enjoy a beauty of environment which is well complimented by the festival of Shilpgram.

How it is celebrated
People from every corner of Rajasthan stall their booth and displays a beauty of their works like art and handicrafts, mirror works, hand woven clothes, embroideries, hand woven clothes, camel leather items and various other items and buyer lures into their shop to buy a goodies they wish to buy.

An extraordinary works inflicts a rich culture of Rajasthan and their art gallery are filled with a beauty their works which gets an all around attention from buyers and what makes it more amazing as the winter season is a pick hour of tourism here so that offers brilliant opportunity for local artist to expose the beauty of their works which in turn goes worldwide as the people from around the globe comes to enjoy a beauty of ambiance.

Activities and Attraction
While you engage your mind in shopping a beautiful works of local craftsmen and weavers a singers here looks to entertain you with their melodious scale and singing. So far as attractions are concerned the gallery which they set up in Udaipur is a main attraction as the varied art and craft works looks to obtain a beauty a festival.

Here you would see a magnificent of their works from embroidery to handworks, from art and craft to weaver’s beauty all are lined up to encourage a rural work of local crafts men. Since art and craft and tourism are building necessary income for a government so this fair is hosted to uplift the same as the state is renowned for the same.

 So come here during a month of November and December and be a part of a fair and take something home as a memento of your journey.