Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Sunburn Festival Goa
Sunburn Festival is a combination of music, dance, entertainment, food and shopping and so helps an individual to have non-stop fun and enjoyment. The Candolim Beach where the Sunburn Festival takes place will be geared and decked with high volume of music and international world class performances. And when you will be experiencing all of this you will definitely enjoy yourself to the extreme limits.
The Sunburn is a kind of festival for which not only the locals of Goa but tourists across the world wait and long for. The festival takes place after Christmas and ends before the New Year’s Day thereby adding that extra reason to enjoy even more.

It was in the year 2007 that the Sunburn Festival was celebrated for the first time in Goa and you will be amazed to know that at that time only ten stalls existed in the market of Candolim Beach. And it was during that time that only 10000 people attended it and today people in lakhs attend this extravagant festival. However, it is this increasing number which by itself narrates the success of the festival. Today you will find a varied variety of almost 36 national and international performances.  

The festival takes place from 27th to 29th of December at the Candolim Beach of Goa, there by offering 3 days of continuous dance music and entertainment. Over the years it is this festival which has become the major attraction and main reason for tourists to pour into Goa in the month of December.

The festival is organized by the joint partnership of Nikhil Chinapa, a well known presenter and Video Jockey of the MTV channel in India and Shailendra Singh thereby the festival being a combination of music, dance, shopping, entertainment and food. And it is because of these reasons that it has become popular in the youth.

There are many other events which take place in the festival such as national and international performances etc. Once here you will be able to witness a number of stalls offering various mouth watering delicacies to the people. You can also find Massages, spa treatments, slippery football, rock climbing, mechanical bull riding and fire juggling as the other activities of the festival which will make the festival an even more interesting place to be. The festival comes to an end with splendid and extravagant fireworks.

The main activities include dancing to the music of world class DJ’S and performances of well known international artists like Funkagenda, AN21, James Zabiela, Norman Doray, Richard Durand, Hilight Tribe, Sandar van  Doorn, Roger Sanchez, Feddle le Grand and Paul van Dyk and also the Japanese Popstars like Filterheadz, Joof, Spectre, Paul Thomas, Sunnery James Ryan Marciano, Showtek who will  be entertaining the crowd this year.

Sunburn Festival Goa 2013’s main attractions include dance, music, food stalls and other festivities.

To sum up the Sunburn Festival has made Goa an ultimate Dance Festival Destination, and so do make it a point to be there this December so as to discover the real experience which is far beyond your conceptions.