Thursday, December 26, 2013

The incredible mt. Abu winter festival

The Winter Festival celebrated in Mt. Abu is a combination of the rich culture and vivid tradition of Rajasthan. Mt. Abu is also known as “Oasis on the dessert” as it is the only hill station in the state of Rajasthan which is situated at an altitude of 1219 meters and there by you will find dense green forests, lakes, waterfalls and rivers here. The major event of Mt. Abu is the Winter Festival as it is here that you can witness dances, fairs, stalls for varied products, concerts, handicraft and much more. The festival creates a rich and mesmerizing atmosphere.

The Mt. Abu Winter Festival was a combined initiative of the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and the Municipal Board of Tamil Nadu thereby with a motive to celebrate the culture of the people of the hill station. The festival provides a break to the fast and busy lives of the people of hill station.
The Winter Festival is a three day long celebration that is in the last week of December each year that is usually from 29th to 31st of the month. The Rajasthan Tourism and Municipal Board of Mount Abu looks after the organization of the festival. The warmth of the hill station’s people adds on to the celebration.

The Winter Festival has a ceremonial procession as its opening act that is from the Rajasthan Tourism Development Council- Hotel Shikhar to the Nakki Lake Chowk and it is here that you will witness thousands of diyas floating on the lake thereby making it an extravagant location. And it is this act which is called “Deepdaan” where lamps are set to afloat. There are various cultural events which take place which comprise of the classical and folk dances such as Daph, Ghoomar and Gair. It also includes the folk songs by well known artists of the country. The Festival is also a host to various sports tournaments such as Rowing, Cricket etc where the locals as well as tourists can participate.

All of these cultural activities and distribution of prizes for various competitions are held at the Aravali Manch that is from 8pm to midnight of 31st December and are followed by splendid fireworks on the last day of the festival which will indeed also light up all the memories of the three day long celebration in your minds.

• In the Winter Festival you can get entertained by participating in games like Gilli Danda, 20*20 Cricket matches and water sports like rowing etc. You can also indulge yourself in kite flying and leaving the attractive hot air balloons into the air.
• You can also witness Sufi, Kathak, and Break-dance apart from various performances by folk artists of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat. 
• You can also hear to heart touching poetries and witness mind boggling visual art.
• You can also participate in Rangoli and Mehendi competitions or even be a spectator to this artistic event.
However, the Winter Festival is a combination of both modern and traditional events.

The major attractions of the festival include the folk dances, folk songs, handicraft and handloom which showcase the rich and diverse culture of the state of Rajasthan.
To sum up visit the Winter Festival to witness the true spirit of the state of Rajasthan.