Monday, June 30, 2014

An Exclusive Perspective of Ochira Kali Festival

Fun and frolic celebration of Ochira Temple which is commonly revered as Ochira Kali festival is amongst the most historic and awaited occasion of the Kerala People. During this traditional festival participants looks to commemorate the course of significant battle that took place between kingdoms of Kayankulam and Venad.
Historical Facts of the Ochira Kali Festival
Historical background of this festival very much revolves around the war that took place 300 years back between the two kingdoms namely Kayankulam and Venad. It is believed that both the kingdom participated furiously for two days within the field of paddy of Oachira.

This exclusive festival of Ochira Kali looks to spread an essence of the history and to make it more relevant participants from kalaripayattu groups involves in mock fight where they use sticks rather than sword to observe the glory of those days.

When It Is Celebrated
Ochira Kali festival is an annual festival which is celebrated within the doors of the Ochira Temple during the months of June. This occasion is a kind of unique in sense because it allows contestant to show their skills and the tradition it follows entices the traveler from across the world.

How It Is Celebrated
When it comes to the part of celebration than as said above it is an exclusive festival because it embellishes the days of the future past. Following the course the two kalaripayattu groups’ pays tribute to Kayankulam and Venad fighters by performing martial arts which is believed to represent the flocks of different region.

Mock battle which is performed by standing on paddy fields reflects the main character of the festival and to see them splashing water at each other would be a different experience. Traveler must understand that before they perform the traditional play of Kali they call for vratam of 41 days and during the day of the main show idol of Lord Shiva is taken out for procession by the warriors.

The mock fight between two groups happens after the procession and during evening they call of their battle and promise to return on the next day to continue the encounter. On the second day combat between two groups’ ends and winner are chosen by the evening.

Main Activities
Magnitude of this festival is defined by its traditional mock fights which are believed to be war like exercise. Two groups of kalaripayattu perform hostility which is not actual encounter but rather it exhibits the course of battle that happened 300 years before. Festival is an interesting kind because it defines the tradition of the local people and more exciting core of it relates the gestures and active participation of the local people.

Once you are done observing the battle between two traveler can take an initiative to visit the Padanilam where cattle and agricultural fair are organized by the local to compliment the Ochira Kali festival.

Where All It Is Celebrated

The annual festival ofOchira Kali is officially celebrated in a village near Kayamkulam in Thiruvananthapuram district.