Monday, June 9, 2014

Prodigy and Cultural Aspects of Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival which is also renowned as Duanwu Festival is a cultural carnival that pays tribute to its partisan poet and famous scholar Qu Yuan. The festival indeed plays a main role to influence the educational system of China and allows traveler and participants to dispose their ailments to keep their body free from course of disease. This Dragon Boat Festival is similar to Keralas Nehru Trophy Boat Race

Historical Facts
To understand the chronological facts related with an origin and nature of Dragon Boat race first we require understanding the contribution of Qu Yuan who was a patriotic poet and great scholar of China. During his life he supported the decision of struggle against the powerful state of Qin along with the state of Qi to bring justice to all however his measure proved to be futile as he was opposed by Zi Lan and later he was executed.

His failures nevertheless were marginal because he was a great nationalist and had spent his whole life to endure his inspiring poems like Li Sao, Tian Wen and Jiu G. According to narration before he threw himself in the river to evade the scene of prejudice and annexation he compiled his masterwork name Huai Shah.

After hearing such fatal occurrence local people gathered around the river to search his body but failed to recover the same. Living in array of distress and discontentment many local people gave up their life following the same method to pay tribute to an eternal soul of Qu Yuan.  Dragon Boat racing in fact relates a commemoration to an apartheid soul of Qi Yuan which is complimented by customary eating of Zongzi.
When It Is Celebrated
Dragon Boat festival is widely celebrated throughout the China during the 5th day of the 5th month of Chinese Lunar Calendar and incidentally the sad demise of Qu Yuan occurred during the same day. In 2014 the same festival is scheduled to happen on June 2 and on that day the whole nation would pay tribute by calling a week off to celebrate the quest of festival.

How It Is Celebrated
As a customary act the festival is classified into sections and each of it bears cultural marks and importance. The Dragon Boat racing, eating zongzi, wearing a perfume pouch, tying five-color silk thread and hanging mugwort leaves and calamus are integral part of the celebration.

Dragon boat race- this particular race is the main section of festivals and during this act you will witness numbers of boats and thousands of participants fighting till the end to reach the finishing line. At each Dragon boat the solemn team is divided into two groups one would sit in front and would play a drum beat while other would row the boats to cross the line.

An idea of starting Dragon race came into picture after the death of Qu Wan and it is said that many boats went to the river to recover the dead body of the historic poet and since then the practice of boat race has become a part of Chinese culture.

Eating Zongzi- this customary acts, narrate the incidents of Qu Wan death as many people after such occurrence gathered around the site of river and threw Zongzi so that fish could feed themselves and could spare the helpless body of Qu Wan. During the time of Boat race people of China prepares Zongzi and throws it into water to recall that incident that changed the course of history.
Wearing a Perfume Pouch and Tying Five-color Silk Thread- according to historical fact wearing a perfume pouch would protect the children from evil and tying Five-color Silk Thread would heal the suffering of the children
Hanging Mugwort Leaves and Calamus- during the time of summer season local people clean their houses and hangs Mugwort Leaves and Calamus in top of their respective doors to depress the course of disease.

Main Activities
Dragon boat race can be considered as main attraction and main activity of the festival where traveler gathers from all across the world to witness the nation paying homage and tribute to great Qu Wan. Apart from Dragon Boat racing eating Zongzi, Wearing a Perfume Pouch and Tying Five-color Silk Thread and Hanging Mugwort Leaves and Calamus can be considered as major traditional acts of the festival.

Where It Is Celebrated
Being an indispensible festival of China the Dragon Boat racing festival is celebrated throughout the China and at every corner of the nation participant’s gathers in and rows till the end of the time to portray the cultural hegemony of this festival.
Important Note
Owing to its cultural aspects and long drawn history the festival is added to the list of UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage.