Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cultural and Religious Manifesto of Yuru-Kabgyat Festival

An enthusiasm and energy whenever gets complimented by the radiance of color than the occasions like Yuru Kabgyat comes into picture. The Yuru Kabgyat festival which is celebrated at the divine ambience of Lamayaru monastery is one of the most significant celebrations of Ladakh people. During this festival traveler comes from all across the world especially from China, Korea, Tibet and other Buddhist dominated nation to witness the dance drama which is popularly known as mask dance and it is performed by the monks of the various monastery. 
Traveler must understand that this occasion marks the cultural aspects of the local people and would give you idea regarding the Buddhism manifesto which is followed by the mass number of people here.

Historical Facts
To understand the history related with Yuru Kabgyat festival traveler would first need to trace the glory of Mask Dance which according to mythological and chronological accounts reflects the core of Mahayana tradition.

The holy scripts of the Buddhism states that mask dance came into existence during the call of 8th century and its prominence are still very much apt within the Royal throne of the Bhutan. With the passage of time the Cham Dance became more prolific and turned out to be the most provisional aspects of their tradition.

It is believed that the sole object of the Cham or Mask dance is to please their orgy and it is also performed to resist evil spirits and to protect human body from any unnatural epidemics and anatomy’s.

When It Is Celebrated
This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm for 2 days during the months of 17th and 18th day of the 5th Tibetan month and according to our calendar it is designated during the months of July and August.

How It Is Celebrated
Traveler must understand that the festival is celebrated to commemorate the deeds and Omni-presence of Lord Yana and Lord Padmasambhava. The common ground of this festival is Mask dance you will witness monks gathering in circle and performing the same with great interest and excitement. An environment of the festival is glorified with the beats of drums, pipes and cymbals keep the momentum of the monks. You would witness monks coming from the surroundings like Lahul, Spiti, Leh to participate in a holy rituals and that’s what make the celebration worth visiting.

Main Activities
The crowd that surrounds the gates of the temple to see monks performing the ritualistic Cham dance speaks the volume of the festival and when we talk about its magnitude than consider mask dance to be a main attraction and main activity of the celebration. Beside that traveler during the time of festival would have an opportunity to learn more about Buddhism.

Where All It Is Celebrated

The festival of Yuru Kabgyat is officially celebrated within the gates of Lamayaru monastery and during this occasion traveler gathers from all across the world to praise the glory of Lord Buddha along with Lord Yana who is believed to be the lord of death and Lord Padmasambhava who is believed to be a lord of wealth.