Monday, June 16, 2014

Cultural Menifesto of Shimla Summer Festival

Nestled within the Northern ambience of Himachal Pradesh the turquoise landscape which is dominated by the slopes and adulating hills is addressed by the fury of cold weather during the entire season and it is only during the call of summer season the people living here seems to heave a sigh of relief.

A conspicuous and peculiar cultural abode of Shimla which is oriented and illustrated by the season of summer is put into show by the district administration where Land of Gods cultivates its entire prodigy to celebrate the course of mild summer.

When It Is Celebrated
Shimla Summer Festival which is organized with a bands and riots of colors is celebrated every year during the month of May/June to entice traveler from all across the world. Traveler must understand that it is an International occasion where reverie of summer season is celebrated in a grand manner.

Talking about its organizing committee than every year vigorous district administration takes a noble initiative to amalgamate grandiose of Shimla where cultural fest and vivid measures is put into manner to celebrate annuls of summer season.

This year the same festival is schedule in the month of June and general commencement of it would begin from 1st of June and would last till 5th of the same month.

Historical Facts
Since we understand that captivating landscape of Himachal is not just complimented by the glory of nature but the charismatic essence of summer has always been a season to rejoice and refill where their rich harvest and effort are painted by the brush of brilliance.

To understand the history of the occasion, first we need to understand the phenomenon of Shimla that has always attributed and manifested God as an artist of nature. The festival in fact from its very beginning have preserved its rich ancestral culture and the celebration of it is relates their method and effort to enrich the same.

Month of May that marks the days of festival can be considered as the sweetest month of the calendar year as it brings auspicious and prosperity to their life and during this month locals gather around to thank god for giving them this opportunity.

How It Is Celebrated
First of all this festival is celebrated to allure the change of season and as mentioned above during this festival the whole city buckles up to make it landmark of occasions. The first phase of celebration starts with huge gathering where both male and female participates to thank ever endowing god for his grace and blessings. Together they pray to god to bless them with another year of happiness and offer their harvest to god for his due consecration.

Now talking about its cultural aspects than vivid shows which are interlinked with their ancestral code and customary acts are put into show to entice traveler from across the world. During the season of summer the whole state is at its cultural best and complimenting the same they organized various programs and occasion where local people are put into picture to show their skills and talent.

Sports tournament, flower shows, amusement, cultural acts, photography session, poster making competition, fashion show etc are some of the integral parts of the festival.

Main Attraction
Talking about the main attraction of the festival than its cultural show and vivid activities are the magnitude of the occasion where everyone can participate and can look to be a part of this amazing summer festival.

Where All It Is Celebrated

Within the entire part of Himachal Pradesh the summer festival is celebrated but the main show occurs at the Himalayan womb of Shimla.