Friday, December 6, 2013

Immortal soul of St Xavier

December 3rd, day when a legend Francis Xavier who walked street to street to preach a word of god and affected a life of millions with his magical word breathed his last on this day. And to commemorate deeds of Francis Xavier this day is marked as a memorial feast tribute solely to Francis Xavier.

His silent body which lies on a silver casket at a Bom church of Goa million gathers on this day to attend and honor a death ceremony of a saint.

As per some the source some of the Portuguese found him just before he left to heaven and they performed a funeral and buried his body in a box which was filled with unslaked lime. It is also said that when his finger was sliced he witnessed a flow of blood and his body was still not stale at all he reported this incident to the Vatican and the title of saint was conferred upon Xavier.

The body was buried into a cemetery of Malacca and after years it was brought back to Goa and till now his body is no ay affected by death and his ruins are placed in a silver casket of Bom church of Goa.

When it is celebrated
It is usually celebrated at the month of December and on December 3rd huge crowds gathers here to pay their honor to St Francis by kissing his relics and praying him to bring a peace and prosperity in world, and celebrate the feast of St. Xavier.

How it is celebrated
On this day proceeding are performed by an archbishop f Delhi Anil Couto and co-celebrants Archbishop of Goa and Daman Filipe Neri Ferrao, Archbishop Emeritus Raul Gonsalves, Bishop of Sindhudurg Alwyn Baretto etc who grace this auspicious occasion with their presence and marks this occasion with their words and people who come here to see a death body of Francis Xavier get to see an immortal body.

It is only during this occasion a century cross body of St Xavier comes down for public veneration and in other days people could only see a feet and face of St Xavier. Occasion starts from 4 am of morning and closes at 8 pm and during this time people gathers to kiss a relics and ruins of their very own Francis Xavier who did a lot to bring a justice on earth and influenced all the people towards a reality of life.

It is believed that it has a healing touch and with an order of pope still his finger are carried across a world so that people could feel a healing touch of St Xavier. It is a most celebrated occasion in memory of St Xavier and many important statesmen marks this day with their presents in order to feel a holy vibe that surrounds an ambiance of Bom church of Goa.

 Main attraction is a silver casket which holds immortal ruins of St Xavier and it is placed right at side of Alter. To get a glimpse of a ruins people travels from distance and feels blessed after it veneration.