Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Extravagant Cochin Carnival

The Cochin Carnival is celebrated in Cochin which is in the state of Kerala in India and is one of the most awaited festivals where one can have the experience of a lifetime. This festival is based on the five principles that is, Progress, Peace, Participation, Adventure and Environment, thereby it is these principles which make this festival different from the other festivals of the country. During this festival the Fort Kochi is decorated with lights in such a way that any visitor will not be able to avoid a gaze at it. Visitors from different parts of the world come here, dressed in the colorful clothes so as to add on that extra charm to the occasion.

The Cochin Carnival was originated by the Portuguese in the 16th century, as it was by them that the tradition of celebrating New Year started that is on the 1st of January, and so it is with this that the Cochin Festival started to be celebrated. It is since then that one can get the true essence of vivid culture of Cochin through the medium of this festival.

When is it celebrated?
The massive celebrations and extravagant fairs start in the last 10 days of the year that is from 20th December to the 1st January, However the rally which is one of the main attractions of the festival should not be missed at any cost, it is held this year on the 1st of January at the Veli Ground at 3pm.

How is it celebrated?

The festival is a combination of art, drama, music, food and celebrations. Many competitions and multifaceted celebrations are also conducted on the free spaces of the streets. Tourists are offered entertainment in the form of different games such as Beach volley ball, sea swimming, dirt bike races and beach football, however the festival continues until the midnight of 31st December followed by the spectacular fireworks.

Main Activities
Apart from the sports, entertainment, fireworks, fairs etc the main activity of the festival is the parade carrying a huge statue of Papanai (like Santa- Claus) to the beach that is on the 31st December’s midnight there after it is set on fire and a grand party is followed by it. And the Elephant Rally on the 1st of January is just remarkable.

Attractions of the Festival
• The festival in every sense is having a combination of the essences and cultures of the festivals of the Portuguese, Dutch, Arab, Anglo-Indian, Gujrati, Malyalee, Andhra, Tamil and Punjabi, thereby making it an even more attractive place to be.
• The festival has twin celebrations for Christmas as well as New Year and so you can have twice the fun, joy and entertainment of the two celebrations at the same place.
• The celebrations coincide with the Christmas holiday vacation and so many tourists from around the world visit this splendid festival.
• The common events of the festival comprise the art shows, colorful rallies, fairs, food festival and fireworks.

To sum up the Cochin Carnival is definitely a place to be to celebrate the New Year. So, this December where are you going to be, while the best amongst you are going to be at the Cochin Festival!