Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Festival - Breaking the World Record

Popularly known as the Keene Pumpkin Festival, Pumpkin festival is an annual festivity conducted in Keene, New Hampshire in United States. It is celebrated during mid October to late October in Saturday and is one of the events where the residents of Keene attempt to accumulate a bigger figure of lit jack-o-lanterns in one place inorder to beat or level the world record. In this particular festival, the organizers try annually to beat the record by encouraging organizations and schools to make and aid jack-o-lanterns.

Apart from the major celebration, the festivity also includes music, foods and fireworks in which people from neighboring places are attracted to take part in this fascinating festival. After the end of the celebration, the pumpkins are moved by the volunteers and later they are given to the pig farmers to feed their pigs. The major places for this celebration around the world are: Circleville in Ohio, Keene in New Hampshire, Half Moon Bay in California, New York in New York, and Sarasota in Florida, all taking place in the month of October. 

History: There is not a deepened history behind this festival. Initially it was started in 1991 with 600 pumpkins and after that it brings atleast 20, 00 pumpkins. The Guinness Book of World record was held by Keene for a period of time. After the start of Keene Pumpkin festival, it was celebrated in other places including Norwich, Hartsburg, Boston in Massachusetts, Goomeri, Morton, Maryland, Virginia and many other places. Today, this festival symbolizes a unity among people of each town where this festival is being absorbed.  

At some places, the festival was initially observed to end the drought of water and in some places it is celebrated to relish a standard and enjoyable quality of time. 

   Main Activities and Attractions:

  • Jack-o-lanterns exhibited on enormous banks of shelves.
  • Pumpkin Mile Race (running through the streets)
  • Food and Craft Court in which several delicacies and crafts are kept for sale.
  • Beer Garden
  • Pumpkin Pie baking Contest
  • Pumpkin Pyramid Lighting

Breaking the record of 28, 952 held by Keene Pumpkin festival in 25th of October in 2003, the recent Guinness World record is held by Boston, Massachusetts in 21st of October where 30, 128 pumpkins were counted.
Keene: The major place for celebration of this festival is Keene which receives the maximum number of crowd to witness this grandiose event. In 2006, an estimation of about 80, 000 people from across the globe were present in downtown Keene to observe this festival and which is much more compared to the population of Keene that is 23, 000. In 2010, the organizers of this festival in Keene leave it in mid-point; however it was able to find organizers who were willing to sponsor this event. Thus, the celebration was continued in 2011. In 2013, this festival completes 22 year and celebrate the 23 year of this huge celebration. Highlighted events in this festival includes: beer garden, pumpkin mile race, pyramid lighting etc, and many more.