Friday, October 11, 2013

Kolayat Fair - Largest Cattle fair of Bikaner

Also known as Kappil Muni fair, Kolayat Fair is the largest fair of its kind celebrated in the city of Bikaner on the full month day of Kartik Purnima (November) in the village of Kolayat or Kapilayatan in Rajasthan. The village of Kolayat is positioned at a distance of about 50 km from the South-West of Bikaner. The village derived its name from a famed sage Kapil Muni who undertook a deep meditation for the fine sake of civilization. This festival is celebrated on this day as it is considered the holiest of days in Hindu calendar.

In the early mornings the Hindus take a dip in the lake which is believed to wash away all their sins and offer temple of sage Kapil with sugar drops and milk pudding. Hindus believed that a one day spend in this sacred abode of Kapil Muni is equaled to 10 years spent on any other pilgrimage site. A temple devoted to Kapil Muni known as Shri Kolayat Temple is situated on the Ghat with a marble statue of the saint where prayers and other edibles are offered to the sage. Thousands and thousands of devotees and tourists visit this place during this festivity to witness this grand festival and also to observe the unique rituals and traditional dances that are offered by the inhabitants of Rajasthan. The mesmerizing view of the hundreds of devotees leaving the illuminated camp in the lake is majestic enough.

The worship in the temple is performed by Sewag Brahmins who are hereditary priest. Aarti is offered two times in a day and then the bhog is offered.

Kolayat was the venue for the meditation of sage Kapil Muni who underwent into a deep meditation for the well sake of the humanity. According to legends, he shed his body under a peepul tree and meditated there for a long period of time. He was believed to be a descendent of Lord Brahma, and today in the same venue a temple devoted to him and a lake namely Lake Kapil Sarovar is established. The devotees take a holy dip in the lake and head on to the temple for worshipping.    

Main Activities & attractions:
  • Beautiful decoration of the 52 Ghats.
  • Unique rituals performed by the devotees.
  • Offering of milk pudding and sugar drops to the deity.
  • Leaving of illuminated oil lamps by devotees in the water of the lake which is known as Deep Malika in local dialect.  
  • Cattle fair
  • Mesmerizing culture and traditional dances performed by the inhabitants of Rajasthan.
  • Captivating Folklore.
  • Contests in the cattle fair

Cattle Fair:
It is the one of the vital part of this festival and is the biggest cattle fair of Bikaner. People from varied parts of India visit this place during this festivity in order to trade camels, horses, buffaloes and other cattles in this fair. Contest also takes place in which awards are given to the best breeders present in this fair. 

For any tourists, it could be an interesting learning where you could learn about the ethics of Rajasthan in the best way.